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 Mitel Phone - Use Superkey to Send Pin

Also - Press Hold Key To Send PIN

How to enable phone



  When connecting a Mitel phone for the first to a Mitel 3300 controller, you need to tell the phone what extension number it is in order for it to communicate properly.   There are two ways to do this. 
  • Manually enter the MAC address of the phone in the programming of the 3300.  
  • Enter a code into the new phone.
  1. We'll look first at how to enter the MAC address of phone into the Mitel 3300.   The MAC address is found on a sticker on the bottom of the phone.   The MAC address will begin 08-00-0F with three more octets to follow.   All Mitel MAC addresses begin with 08-00-0F.  An example of a MAC address would be 08-00-0f-fc-2a-3c.  

Once you know the MAC address of the phone then you can log into your PBX and enter it.  We'll assume here that the phone is already programmed and you simply need to enter/change the MAC address.  Once logged into the PBX, find the form 'Users and Devices'.  From there search for the extension number you are adding or changing and edit it.   You will see one of the fields contains the MAC address.  Enter the MAC address here.  One thing to note is that the format you enter it as is slightly different than what appears on the sticker.   The sticker uses a '-' (dash) between octets and when you enter it into the PBX you will use a ':' (colon).   An example of how to enter it would be '08:00:0f:fc:s1:3c'.  Once you've entered it into the system you may need to restart the phone by unplugging it and plugging it back in.

  1. Next well look at how to enable the phone via dialing a code at the phone.  The phone should now be reading "Use Superkey to Send Pin".   The pin is a combination of a feature code and the phone's extension number.   For example, if the feature code for a new phone is *** and the extension number is 5555 then the pin would be '***5555 + Superkey'.  

There are two pin codes that come into play here.   The first one is to be used when you're installing a new phone.  The second code is to be used when you're replacing a phone that's been in use.   If you enter the code for a new phone when trying to replace a phone (or the extension number is used elsewhere) then phone will simply repeat "Use Superkey to Send Pin".



The default code for registering a new phone is "***".

The default code for replacing a phone is "###".


These codes are sometimes changed by your technician.   You can find what your codes are in the System Options form.


The feature codes to for the pins are usually dealer specific, each Mitel dealer using the codes they prefer to use.   Even then, it is not uncommon to see unique codes for individual customers.  You can look the codes up in your Mitel by looking in the form named "System Options" or if you make a quick phone call to your dealer they should be able to tell you what your Pin Codes are.



If the phone does not accept the pin when entered verify the following:

  • You have the correct set type programmed in the User and Device Form

  • You are using the correct set registration pin code found in the System Options form.



Special Note:   Although the pin can be anything the system programmer desired, Mitel does have default feature codes.  


The default feature code for a new phone is '***+<ext>'

The Default Feature code to replace a phone is '###+<ext>'


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