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 Mitel NuPoint FCOS Feature Options (Bits)


  This is a listing of the Mitel NuPoint Feature Class of Service (FCOS) options.
001 Login to mailbox
002 Transfer to mailbox attendant
003 Return to welcome prompt
004 Outside caller functions
005 Play outside caller menu prompts
006 Rewind and fast-forward during playback
007 Pause in record or play
008 Mailbox can be checked in/out
009 Automatic logout if no messages/receipts
010 (ISO) Enhanced Outcall Paging Options
011 (ISO) Play Standard Greeting
012 (ISO) Short Message Service
013 Operator transfer via "6" key
014 Outdial for SMSC
015 Change wakeup options
016 Deny recycling with * key
017 Fast line release from outside caller
018 Give and mark urgent
019 Answer and mark urgent
020 Make messages
021 Make and request receipt
022 Make to multiple destinations
023 Make and mark confidential
024 Give messages
025 Give and request receipt
026 Give to multiple destinations
027 Give and mark confidential
028 Give with comments
029 Answer messages
030 Answer and request receipt
031 Answer and mark confidential
032 Make to user distribution list
033 Give to user distribution list
034 Make to master distribution list
035 Give to master distribution list
036 Auto-receipt for user dist list msgs
038 Attach original message to answer
039 Notification tone when new msg arrives
040 Receive messages from other users
041 Receive messages from outside callers
043 Receive message of the day
044 Receive user dist list messages
045 Receive master dist list messages
046 Announce receipt count at login
047 Notification prompt when new msg arrives
048 No auto-timestamp of unplayed msgs
049 No auto-timestamp of played msgs
050 Play messages
051 Do not switch language for outside callers
052 Auto-play unplayed messages
053 Keep messages
054 Auto-keep messages
055 Discard messages
056 Auto-discard messages
057 Play saved messages in FIFO order
058 Play unplayed messages in FIFO order
059 Play unplayed messages first
060 Ignore DTMFs during greeting
061 Wait to record (timeout = # key)
062 Hang up immediately after greeting
063 Call mailbox attendant after greeting
064 Call mailbox user ext after greeting
065 Play system time after greeting
066 Login during greeting in greet-only mbx
068 Define Rotational mailbox
069 Passcode required for mobile DID
070 User options menu
071 Record or change mailbox name
072 Record or change mailbox greeting
073 Enter and change mailbox passcode
074 Create or modify user distribution list
075 Audit receipt message
076 Play urgent messages in FIFO order
077 Change pager schedule
078 Activate user tutorial
079 Set msg wait #1 for urgent msgs only
080 Set msg wait #2 for urgent msgs only
081 Only one correct passcode for login
082 Soft play (interrupt) message count
083 Soft play (interrupt) most prompts
084 Give receipt message with comments
085 Give receipt message to multiple dests
086 Give receipt message
087 Make and mark urgent
088 Receive urgent messages
089 Auto-play all msgs (new and saved)
090 Check in other mailboxes
091 Check out other mailboxes
092 User will be in Dial-by-Name database
093 Deny change of passcode in first tutorial
094 Change Message Delivery options
095 Mark message for Future Delivery
096 Make messages before keep/discard
097 Do not say "I will ring <name>" in AR
098 Say "Press 0" to caller before beep
099 NP Talk with talkover
100 Disable talkover
101 Deny login on line group 1
102 Deny login on line group 2
103 Deny login on line group 3
104 Deny login on line group 4
105 Deny login on line group 5
106 Deny login on line group 6
107 Deny login on line group 7
108 Deny login on line group 8
109 Deny login on line group 9
110 Make/Give to telephone number
111 Deny message receipt on line group 1
112 Deny message receipt on line group 2
113 Deny message receipt on line group 3
114 Deny message receipt on line group 4
115 Deny message receipt on line group 5
116 Deny message receipt on line group 6
117 Deny message receipt on line group 7
118 Deny message receipt on line group 8
119 Deny message receipt on line group 9
120 Default to first child of tree mailbox
121 Define Tree mailbox
122 Define Broadcast mailbox
123 Announce broadcast mailbox name
124 Change paging phone number
125 Clear user passcode
126 Make/Give to mailbox with empty GCOS
127 Deny receipt of msgs before tutorial run
128 Family Head
129 Host Mailbox
130 Passcode cannot be same as mailbox
131 Don't say limits of liability statement
132 Bad passcode lockout if over limit
133 Don't say: "You may start your msg now"
134 Broadcast message waiting status
135 Define Template mailbox (NP Forms)
136 Don't say: "End of message"
137 Caller must enter access code
138 Don't say: "Message complete"
139 Template: assume last greet mbox fcos
140 Say full date when playing messages
141 Define Chain mailbox in NP Receptionist
142 Must run tutorial from own phone (SMDI)
143 Change message delivery phone number
144 Skip forward to next message
145 Message stays in original queue on hangup
146 Don't say "NuPoint Voice storage is full"
147 Send receipt after full play
148 Change NP WakeUp phone number
149 Login to template thru rotational mbox
150 (ISO) Simple message delivery
151 Deny 333 access for mobile DID
152 Deny login within tree
153 Don't jump to new message from saved queue
154 Announce text (Email) message count
155 Payphone user/recipient interface
156 Deny login after greeting
157 Repeat message for answering machine
158 Continue sending message (* key)
159 Say "Press 0 to return to NP Receptionist"
160 Caller must enter linegroup access code
161 Conditional greetings
162 General greetings
163 Don't play message count
164 Skip/pause during greeting of Greeting-only mailbox
165 Pound key (#) login
166 AMIS Analog Networking
167 (ISO) SMS Short Text Option Enabled
168 Message wait 1, Pager requeue
169 Message wait 2, Pager requeue
170 Transfer to Email system
171 Cut-through Paging
172 Cut-through Paging and Messaging
173 Receive Cut-through Page notify receipt
174 Define Broadcast Greeting mailbox
175 Receive broadcast greeting
176 Say "Press # for more options" to callers
177 (ISO) Reminder Calls
178 Define Broadcast Name mailbox
179 Receive broadcast name
180 Record personal wakeup message
181 Paging over msgdel, mwi1 over mwi2
182 Use pri/alt as week/weekend for mwi1
183 Use pri/alt as week/weekend for mwi2
184 Append mailbox number to transfer
185 Receive Wakeup Call notification receipt
186 Default to last child of tree mailbox
187 NP Receptionist call-transfer tree mailbox
188 Append # to end of Cut-thru page number
189 Rotate on full mailbox
190 Receive fax messages
191 Make fax messages
192 Give fax messages
193 Deliver fax to default number
194 Deliver fax online
195 Specify fax delivery number
196 Change default fax number
197 Fax-on-Demand for Greeting Only mailbox
198 Receive fax messages only
199 Auto-receipt for fax send
200 Personal fax cover page
201 Deny Trivial Passcode
202 Do not play mailbox name or ext number
203 Walkaway fax for callers
204 Message Skip, forward and backward
205 Do not use text count for message waiting
206 Discard fax message after delivery
207 Fax Verify (sending system not self)
208 Play reorder tone after CTP or greet-only
209 Tone Only Pager mailbox interface
210 Numeric Display Pager mailbox interface
211 Voice Pager mailbox interface
212 Send page upon answer, greet-only mbx
213 Edit CTP num with * key if no caller menu
214 (ISO) SMS Voice Messaging Option Enabled
215 Don't auto-play first msg (w/auto-play)
216 Play receipts after Urgent messages
217 Announce text msgs without count
218 Passcode NOT needed on direct calls
219 Login with 0 using Cut-thru paging
220 No dial ext or Email if unplayed msgs
221 Deny caller transfer to Email
222 Deny nesting of distribution lists
223 Delay requested receipt for 24 hours
224 Auto-Transfer to task before greeting
225 Auto-Transfer to task upon login
226 Auto Transfer to task after unplayed msgs
227 Undelete last message with * key
228 Set msg wait #3 for urgent msgs only
229 Play names of list 1 children
230 Deny change of fax cover page options
231 Passcode Broadcast mailbox
232 Allow receipt of passcode broadcasts
234 Check message wait status of children
235 Display FROM field on fax cover page
236 Display Promotional Message on fax cover page
237 Automatically delivers fax message to default number
238 End-of-session multiple fax delivery
239 Retrieve all unplayed faxes through user option
240 Receive fax on voice recording timeout
241 Suppress Broadcast forced receipt
242 Say variable passcode prompts for business guest mailboxes (not recommended for hotel use)
243 (ISO) Transfer to API on Main Menu key 4
244 (ISO) Transfer to API on Main Menu key 5
245 (ISO) Transfer to API on Personal Options Menu key 6
246 (ISO) Transfer to API on Personal Options Menu key 7
247 Don't play any prompt to fax call placement recipient
248 (ISO) Deny Transfer to API for guest mailboxes.
249 Allow Transfer to Help Desk during tutorial
250 Allow NP PWG View login.
251 Allow NP PWG View telephone playback/record.
252 Allow NP PWG View client to change mailbox ID
254 Turn on Mailbox Message Trace
255 Delete mailbox if no unplayed messages
256 Enable fixed greet 'Press 1 or wait ..' for walkaway fax
257 Prevent NP PWG View client voice playback/record.
258 Prevent NP PWG View client from using local storage.
259 Restrict NP PWG View client to play only faxes.
260 Allow NP PWG View user to have Caller ID lookup.
261 Allow NP PWG View WEB access to messages.
262 Store Caller Line Id as a phone number
263 Store Caller Line Id as a phone or mailbox number
264 Play outside caller user interface (with FCOS bit 280)
265 Enable NP RapidDial Features
266 Enable SMSC for Callback Numbers
267 Enable SMSC for Short Text Messages
268 Enable SMSC Receipts
269 (ISO) SMS Allow Urgent Delivery
270 Enable dial-back
271 Send SMSC Cancel VMNs for ML_OFF
272 Send SMSC Cancel CBNs for ML_OFF
273 Send MWN via SS7 Information Directives
275 Enable SMSC customized text messages
276 Press zero for more info feature
277 Send Mail Waiting Notice after Mbox Deletes
278 (ISO) SMS Callback Number Enabled
279 Enable TollSaver for outsider leaving message
280 Enable CLI Outside caller interface (with FCOS bit 264)
282 Enable Call Screening in MBOD for Callers and Users.
283 Say number of unplayed messages on last logout
284 Provide Callback Number Delivery Options
285 Enable Speech-to-Text
286 To allow Mailbox to accept calls without charge
287 Enable Enhanced Auto Wakeup
288 Enable TUI Emulation
289 Enable UM-SMTP
290 Enable UM-WebView
291 Enable RAC (Record a call)
292 Enable NP Director
293 Disable the <Save> <Reply> and <Forward> buttons on the UM Standard + MWI web pages
294 Enable the Mitel embedded player on the UM_Std+MWI web pages
295 Enable Advanced UM
296 Enable Text-To-Speech playback
297 Enable Extended Absence Greeting
298 Disable message delivery when Extended Absence Greeting is enabled
299 Allow choice of unplayed or saved messages during playback
300 Enable secure tutorial
301 Text-To-Speech playback new messages only
302 Alternate MWI for skipped messages
303 Disable PWG downloads
304 Enable Standard UM


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