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 Call Forwarding International


  If you need an international presence you can make it easy for anyone to call you across borders.   There are services available that allows you to pick a telephone number local to your customer and have the calls routed to wherever your business is located.   For example, a business that exist in the US can have a number in Turkey.   Customers in Turkey can call a number that is local to them and the business receives the call in the US.   The reverse is also true.   A business in Turkey can have a local number in the US.

There are certain things you can do with your PBX that may help with identifying the origination of the calls so you can answer appropriately such as routing the calls to a specific DID number on your system.  This way when a call come in it can be routed to a specific person(s) with certain language skills.  This isn't limited to a Mitel system.   It can be used with any business telephone system including Nortel, Avaya, Cisco, Shoretel and hosted systems.

Setting up international call forwarding is fairly straight forward.

First you have to identify where (what number) you want the call to ring to at the receiving end.   If you intend the number to ring to your existing main business number or you already have a group set up to receive these calls, then there is nothing more to do other than point your new international number to it.   If however, you need to set up an new number for this application,  you will need to work with your PBX technician to program a new DID or order new CO lines and have them installed.

You will need to choose a service provider for this service.   Some providers have made this a very simple process.   I'm recommending* for their simplicity.  It's works as soon as you sign up and they also include a free trial so you can see how it will work for you.  

The service providers will have you choose the country and city you wish to have a new number assigned to and then the number you want the calls to actually ring into.   Sign up with your email and once the confirmation is complete you can test.

Some service providers also provide a voicemail to email service.  In this case your caller will leave a voice mail and the voice mail will be sent to your email inbox.   This can be useful in cases where you may wish to be notified of a new voice mail on your cell phone, Blackberry, etc.

Here are the links for more information* is the #1 provider of International phone lines in the World

 	 10 Day Free Trial from TollFreeForwarding

How To Set Up International Call Forwarding On Mitel 3300

To set up call forwarding to an international number on your Mitel 3300 without external services the 1st thing you want to do is to create a system speed dial that points to it.  For example, 5555 can point to <international number>.  It's very important that you tick "Over Ride Toll Restriction".  This will allow your trunks to call the international number without breaking your toll fraud security.  The next step is test the new speed dial to be sure it works.    Now you can forward to your new system speed call either via feature codes, telephone set menus or via system call rerouting.

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