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 How to Tether Your Android to Your Laptop



How to Tether Your Android Phone To Your Laptop

(And your Mitel Teleworker phone to your laptop)

Mitel technicians get stuck every once in a while trying to service a PBX that doesn't have access to the internet and/or your laptop not having internet access.   This creates a problem when trying to use the Mitel 3300 installer tool since your laptop has to connect to the Mitel AMC in order to work.  (I know, you can use off line registration but what a time consuming pain that is.)   In this article we describe how to use your Android cell phone as a wireless hotspot and then connect your laptop to it.   And, as a bonus, we also describe how to connect a Teleworker phone to your laptop that is connected to a wireless hotspot.  (Pretty cool, huh?)

Cell Phone Setup  


  • On your Android cell phone download and install FoxFi from Play Store (www.

  • Select Network Name to use

  • Enter a new SSID Name

  • Select Password

  • Create a password

  • Click the checkbox next to activate to start the hotspot


How FoxFi Looks on Android


PC Setup  


  • Connect to your new Android hotspot

Now your laptop should be able to reach the internet.





How to Connect a Teleworker Phone Through Your PC Wireless Connection

To setup bridging for a teleworker phone (for at a hotel or on a wireless network such as your cell phone hotspot)

  • Connect to the wireless network first with laptop.

  • Go to network connections.

  • Make sure a static IP is not used on the wired connection.

  • Select both wireless and the LAN adaptor you will use by holding the CTL-key  and clicking the 2 connections.

  • Right Mouse Click and choose "Bridge Connections"

This will create a new bridged connection


Next connect the network side of your power injector (Power Brick) into your laptop RJ45 network connector.  Connect your Teleworker phone into the phone side of the power injector and then plug the power injector into the AC outlet.

You phone will now draw an IP address from the wireless hotspot through your laptop, download it's config from your teleworker server and function normally.

Note: If you are not on a wireless network that provides DHCP a static will need to be set on the phone.

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