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 How to Save Handset Volume On Mitel Telephones



Q: Is there any way to default the call volume when picking up a call ?   It always staggers down to 4 and we have a few that would like to not have to hit the volume up key every time they pick up a call.. if I can change it for everyone I would..  thanks.. !!!!!!!

A: There are two things to consider:

  1. If you turn the volume all the way up it will never save.   Turn it all the way up and then back it down one.
  2. Check the COS of the phone and be sure it has handset volume saved enabled.

Here's a screenshot of where to change the COS settings:

COS Options for saving mitel telephone handset volume

Screenshot taken from Version 5.0 of Mitel MCD 3300


Additional Notes:


Mitel released this statement back in 2006 about this situation:

Under normal circumstances, the COS option (handset volume adjustment - saved) will keep the volume level the same between calls. We have 2 occasions in which the handset volume is reset.

1. If the handset volume is at max. and if the set type is dual mode, the volume is not saved on next call
2. Any type of sets will not keep handset volume on system reboot or set reset

For the first:
FCC regulations require that when a phone's volume is left at the maximum, it must be reset to the default level. The reason for this is, according to the FCC, the maximum volume is intended for hearing impaired individuals. For this reason the volume must be brought back down to the default volume setting. The sets default level is volume level 4. In order to keep the volume at the higher volume after hanging up the handset, you must ensure the user sets the phone volume to at least one level less than the maximum volume.

For the second:
It is important to note that the adjusted volume setting is retained by the phone between calls. However, if either the phone or the 3300 ICP resets, then the previously saved volume setting is lost and the set's volume will go back to the default value.


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