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 Error: Device Is Not Man-busied (Mitel 3300) How To Resolve



Applies to: Mitel 3300, Mitel SX2000.

When deleting trunks on a Mitel telephone system, the trunk must be in a maintenance busy state. Once the trunk is “Man-busied” it can then be deleted.

To man-busy a trunk, go to maintenance commands and enter:

“Busy <PLID>”

You can busy a single PLID by entering a specific trunk port.

As an example, you can busy out single trunk on a card by entering “Busy 2 1 2 2”. This would busy out the second trunk on the second card in the second cabinet. If you wanted to busy out all ports on the card you could enter “Busy 2 1 2”.

An example of busing out ports on a PRI trunk would be “Busy 6 1 2 1”. Since this is a PRI it will have 23 trunks associated with it. In this case all 23 trunks will be deleted. If you would like only a single port man-busied then entering “busy 6 1 2 1 <channel>”.

If a trunk happens to be in use when you enter the command, the system will ask you to choose to either (1) Courtesy down the circuit, (2) Force the circuit or (3) Cancel (next).

Using a Courtesy down will tell the system to wait for the current call to connect and then it will put it into a busy state. The command to do this is “CD”. Once you've put the trunk in a courtesy down state you can cancel the courtesy down command by entering “RCD <plid>”.

Using the “Force” command will disconnect the current call and immediately put the trunk in a maintenance busy condition.

Once you've put the trunk in a man-busied state you can verify it by entering the command to stat the trunk. An example would be “stat <PLID>” or you can also stat the trunk number. Example “stat trunk <trunk number>”.

After the trunk is placed in the man-busied state it is now ready to be deleted.



Ralph Willett


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