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Mitel Embedded Voice Mail Temporary Holiday Greetings

How to Change



Temporary greetings are used during the holidays or vacation periods, which last

only a few days or weeks. A temporary greeting overrides both the open and closed

greetings. An example of a temporary greeting is given below.


"Happy Holidays from all of us at the Widget Company. We are closed from Friday,

December 23 until Monday, January 2. To leave a message, enter the number of

the person you wish to reach or press 9 for the directory."


You are first prompted for the number of days, between 01 and 99, that the

greeting should play. After that, follow the same sequence as the open and closed

greetings: record the greeting, then select from the available options. To cancel an

existing temporary greeting, enter 00 for the number of days.


To set temporary greetings for a primary or alternate greeting set:

1. Log in to the administration mail box. (Usually 999 or 9999) +(password)

2. Press [4] for System Greetings.

3. Press [1] for Primary Greeting

4. Press [3] to create a temporary greeting.

5. Enter the number of days for the greeting to play: [nn]

6. Enter a 2-digit number between 01 and 99. If you enter 00, the greeting is canceled.

7. If prompted, press [1] to assign greetings in the default system language or [2] for the alternate language.


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