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 How To Shutdown or Restart a Mitel 5000 PBX


  1. To power down the Mitel 5000:
    Make sure Database (DB) Programming is not running. If DB Programming is running
    when you make programming changes using the LCD panel, the changes will not be
    updated until the system is restarted.
  2. From the LCD panel, press the down arrow twice to navigate to the System menu.
  3. Press the center button once to access the System menu, then press the down arrow
    until you get to the Shutdown menu.
  4. Press the center button once to access the Shutdown menu.
  5. At the prompt, press the down arrow once to select the Yes option
  6. Wait for system display to go blank then it is safe to power off.



Additional Notes Provided by acejavelin

Reset and Shutdown are two different menu items, and their exact location (number of clicks of the buttons) can vary slightly with software release... Basically the procedure is the same, from the front console of the 5000 press the button to activate the menu, arrow down once til the display shows System, press the center button, then arrow down until either Shutdown or Reboot is shown in the display and press center button, Yes/No prompt will come up, press up/down buttons until YES is shown and press the center button again and wait.

It might important to note the reason this is here... if you just pull the plug, any database changes not committed via "Backup Database Save" that were done since the last system self-maintenance routine or controlled reboot will all be lost. I have programmed a complete system more than once, had a fellow tech come in and say something like "Can you move over here, I need that space for ...", so I just unplug the system and move it to the another bench... and then start reprogramming again because I hadn't backed up, done a Backup Database Save, or a controlled reboot or shutdown and my system is back to default because I forgot to do one one little step! Otherwise, there is really no issue with just pulling the power on a 5000, I have done it hundreds of times with no issues.



Additional Notes Provided by dozer

Also note that if you just pull the power without properly shutting down, the logs will be deleted. Another way to force a shutdown on a locked controller ( can not access programming, system un-responsive ) is to hold the Left-Center-Right buttons down at the same time for 10 seconds. This method allows a controller that is locked up but still shutdown and save the necessary log information. This procedure is a second to last resort situation.

Here is the order I would complete a shutdown or reboot. If you are running version 4.X+ with a HX Controller, there is no need to set a scheduled reset on the controller. CS Controllers 4.X- can benefit from a scheduled reboot. 5.X+ on a CS Controller will not benefit from a scheduled reboot.

Normal reset / Shutdown in Order of Preference.
1. Use database programming to reboot
2. Use the buttons on the front of the controller to reset / shutdown
3. Hold down Left-Center-Right buttons for 10 seconds to force shutdown ( only used in last resort scenarios )
4. Pull the power


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