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 How to Send Voice Mail to Everyone.  - Mitel 3300 Embedded Voicemail.


  It sometimes becomes necessary to send a voice mail to the entire company.  Although it's not very intuitive, here's how it can be done.
  1. Login into your voicemail box.
  2. Press 'M' (button 8 on your keypad.
  3. System responds with "please enter the destination mailbox or distribution list number."
  4. Enter '000'.
  5. Record your message and send.

'000' is the distribution list number for everyone that has a voicemail box on your PBX.


You can create your own distribution list by the following steps from the Mitel Voicemail User Guide:

1. Call the voice mail system and access your mailbox.

2. Press for User Options.

3. Press for Distribution List.

4. Enter a distribution list number.

5. Press for Add.

6. Enter a destination mailbox number using the keypad. The system reads back the name

or number of the mailbox user. If you normally use a dialing prefix to call the mailbox user,

enter that prefix before the mailbox number.

7. Continue entering destination mailbox numbers. When you are done, press .




Another trick is to be able to send an voicemail as an email to everyone, even if they're not on your system.

To do this, you need an email distribution list.   We'll assume that the email distribution list is

Create a voice mail box that forwards it's voicemails to email and then deletes it.   See the attached screen shots for the set up.  The email it sends to should be an email distribution list.   Be sure your email server will accept emails from your voice mail system and allows access to distribution list.  See your email administrator if you're unsure.

Now you can add that mailbox to any distribution list you'd like and then even if they don't have a voice mailbox on your system they will receive your voicemail in their email inbox.


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