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 G.722 Codec Sounds "Tinny" or "Funny".  How to resolve.



After upgrading to version 5.0 of your Mitel 3300 PBX, you may find that your users are complaining that their phone sounds "funny" or "Tinny" or just bad.  This happens on Mitel 5300 series phones when talking internally.  What has happened is that Mitel has added a new Wideband Codec that picks ups and transmits a lot more detail.  "It provides voice capability with a bandwidth of 50Hz to 7kHz, compared to 300-3400Hz for a standard telephony channel."  Users aren't used to this audio detail so assume something is wrong.  Nothing is wrong but it does take some getting used to.  Something that most people don't want to bother with.

Fortunately you can deactivate this code and your users can go back to the sound quality they're comfortable with.

The G.722 codec works with 5330, 5340 and 5360 telephones.

To turn off the G.722 codec, log into your system and go to maintenance commands. 

Enter the following command:





It may seem counter intuitive to enter "ADDCODECFILTER" when you want to remove a codec.   But what you're really doing is adding a filter to "filter out" the use of a codec by the pbx.  So entering the "ADDCODECFILTER G.722.1" command actually turns off G.722.1.


Now your users will be back to what they're used to.

If for any reason you want to turn G.722.1 back on, use the "REMOVECODECFILTER G.722.1" command.


Released From Mitel

Mitel has implemented the G722.1 CODEC using a 32Kbit bitrate. This means that in order for any third party device/application to work with MCD 5.0 they must support this bitrate. If a device/application attempts to use G722.1 with a different bitrate, you will encounter a no audio scenario.

If you do come across this issue with an incompatible version of G722.1 then a few options exist depending on the integration medium used.

Option 1: Disable the G722.1 CODEC globally on the 3300 using the maintenance command addcodecfiler (Please see 3300 help on the proper syntax to use.) However, this means that the CODEC cannot be used by any device (including IP sets) connected to the 3300.

Option 2: If the third party device/application is connected to us via SIP trunks, you may set "Renegotiate SDP To Enforce Symmetric Codec" to Yes in the SIP Peer Profile of the device/application in question. This will ensure you don't run into any audio issues and this also doesn't require you to disable G722.1 globally as you would with Option 1.

Option 3: If the third party device/application is connected to us as a SIP phone, you may set the same option as in Option 2 but this time in the Sip Device Capabilities form for the specific device that is not using a compatible version of G722.1.



Update July-25-2012

Mitel has made a change to the latest version of MCD software MCD 5.0 SP2 PR1(   The codec filtering has been moved to a form.  Administration>>>Voice Network>>>Codec Settings.

Mitel Codec Settings



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