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How To Set Up Filezilla Use With PBX Systems


Download Filezilla

Problems with Windows FTP server on engineers laptops whilst upgrading 3300 PBX software.

Generally this issue is to do with Windows SP3 (Right click My Computer and select Properties and check which service pack is installed).


Listed below is the necessary steps required to get this installed.

First you will need to disable the Windows FTP Server Service.



Install the Filezilla Server software and just accept all the defaults (automatic windows service etc.).

Launch the Filezilla program you will see the window below.

Recommend selecting ‘Always connect to this server’ (hides this on launching)


Some basic configuration is required before we can get started.

Navigate to Edit then select users.

Click Add user and user ftp


Make sure Enable account is ticked.

Tick Password and enter a password either @ or ftp (depending on the RTC settings)



Next select Shared folders

Add the directory to your FTP folder (normally C:\inetpub\ftproot)


Click OK and you are ready to go

If you leave the main window open whilst upgrading you should be able to see FTP events and transfers into the 3300



One suggestion I would recommend, especially for technicians that do lots of upgrades, setting up separate users in Filezilla Server for each software version to keep from having to make changes in Filezilla or forgetting to change the path and then accidentally loading the same software version a second time in a row instaead of the newer version (not a fun scenario!)

I use settings like this:

Version 9: User: ftp3300  Pass: @  Home Directory Path: C:\Program Files\Mitel\3300ICP\
MCD 4.0SP3 User: mcd40sp3 Pass: @  Home Directory Path: C:\Program Files\Mitel\3300ICP\
MCD 4.2SP1 User: mcd42sp1 Pass: @  Home Directory Path: C:\Program Files\Mitel\3300ICP\




Document kindly provided by Supernova99  with contributions by acejavelin of







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