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 Mitel 3300 DHCP Options




  IMPORTANT: (From Mitel Help Files)

(1) DHCP options 128-135 used to configure Mitel IP endpoints have been reclassified as public options by the Internet Engineering Task Force (see RFC 2133 and RFC 3925). To comply with the change, Mitel recommends using either option 43 or 125, depending on the server's ability to support them and on administrator preference. The embedded server supports both options; 125 is the factory-programmed default. The old options can still be used to provide backward compatibility with IP sets that have yet to be upgraded with firmware that supports the new options. After the upgrade, the old options may be removed to prevent future conflicts with standard use or other vendors' use of these options. The following procedure applies to new installations only.

(2)If you intend to rely on LLDP VLAN Discovery in the network, you must first upgrade the firmware in LLDP-compliant IP Phones to version or later.


Required Options for Mitel 3300


3 - VLAN default gateway (IP Address)

66 - TFTP server. Use the IP address of the 3300 (IP Address)

67 - TFTP BootFile. (ASCII String) “/sysro/E2T8260” Used by the E2T if present.

43 or 125 - Used by phones for booting. (Combines options 128-133) (ASCII String)

Default ASCII string:; (required String)

sw_tftp=; (IP address of 3300)

call_srv=; (IP address of 3300)

vlan=1; (VLAN)

l2p=6; (Layer 2 network priority)

dscp=46” (DSCP priority)



6 - DNS server (IP Address)

128 - IP address of 3300 (IP Address)

129 - IP address of 3300 (IP Address)

130 - Required ASCII String “MITEL IP PHONE” (ASCII String)

132 - VLAN ID (Data type: Internal: Numeric, External: Long)

133 - VLAN Priority (Data type: Internal: Numeric, External: Long) (recommend 6)

134 - DSCP Priority (Data type: Internal: Numeric, External: Long) (recommend 46)



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