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 How To Set IP Address On Mitel E2T Card



This article explains how to set the IP address of an E2T Card on an MXe and MXe Server.

We will assume you are using Putty to connect.


First connect to the RTC via Putty on port 2007 in "RAW" mode. 

Your Putty settings should look like this:

NOTE:  You are connecting to the RTC and NOT the E2T for this.


Next connect to the RTC either via a serial cable or with Putty to the RTC on Port 2002.


In the second putty window (the one connected to port 2002) enter ToggleCpu 1.

This command is what makes the 1st window (the one connected to port 2007) available to talk to the E2T.


You may see the E2T running through it's boot cycle.  If it is, wait for the count down and press the space bar 3 times and hit enter.

From there you can enter 'c' to change the boot params.


If the E2T is not cycling through booting then enter bootChange to modify the boot paramaters.


Connecting Via A TAPI Cable

You may need to connect to the PBX via a serial cable.   This cable is often called a TAPI cable.  It will have a female DB9 connector to connect to your PC and a Male 8 pin PS2 Connector on the other end.

The pin out is a follows:

DB9 pin 2 connects to PS2 connector pin 5 (RXD)
DB9 pin 3 connects to PS2 connector pin 3 (TXD)
DB9 pin 5 connects to PS2 connector pin 4 (GND)

Some have suggested using an Apple Printer cable for the PS2 end.   As of this writing, you can purchase the cable from Amazon for about $8 US.

To use, you must cut off one end of the cable and connect your pins to the DB9 cable.




E2T DHCP and Static Settings


The E2T IP address can be set statically or via DHCP.  When using DHCP you must reserve an IP address for the E2T on the DHCP server.


Use the  "flags" parameter to control how the E2T obtains its IP address

"0x40"  = Use DHCP

"0x00"  = Use Static Settings


Static Setting Requirements

flag = 0x00

inet on ethernet

IP address and subnet mask (in hex) for the E2T

host inet

IP address of the RTC

gateway inet

Default Gateway address

Special:  The following was provided by AceJavelin's programming notes

Open a RAW connection to the RTC (not the E2T card) on port 2007

do a 'c' command, then it is similar to RTC boot change, and make sure things are set as follows:

boot device = motfcc (Boot device is Network)
processor number = 0 (Not used)
host name = bootHost (Do not change)
file name = /sysro/E2T8260 (Boot file location and file name)
inet on ethernet (e) = xx.xx.xx.xx:ffffff00 (IP address and subnet mask (hex) for Controller E2T, for example,
inet on backplane (b) = [blank]
host inet (h) = xx.xx.xx.xx (IP address of Controller RTC)
gateway inet (g) = xx.xx.xx.xx (IP address of the end userís default gateway for the 3300 ICP, must be outside the DHCP range)
user (u) = ftp (not used)
ftp password (ftp) = @ (not used)
flags (f) = 0x0 (use static IP address above)
                0x40 (use DHCP static reservation)
target name (n) = [blank]
startup script (s) = [blank]
other (o) = [blank] (If something is in this field, do not change it)

Press @ <Return> at prompt to reboot E2T card with new parameters






DHCP Requirements

flag = 0x40

Reserved IP in DHCP Server


Option 66

IP address of the RTC

Option 67







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